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C. Kersten & Co. was established by tailors on June 29th, 1768.
The Company is named after, the Moravian Missionary Christoph Kersten, from Germany started as a tailorshop. In the course of centuries the modest shop became one of the strongest enterprises in Suriname, South America.
The corporate structure is currently a holding company, C. Kersten & Co. N.V., owner of a wide range of subsidiaries in trade, industry and service. Kersten is considered one of the oldest trading company on the American continent.

Chief Executive Officer: Shirley Sowma

Description:  Kersten, the best diversified conglomerate of companies in Suriname and oldest trading company in the Western Hemisphere, was founded in 1768.

It operates through 12 operating companies. Based on the year 2005 sales level, Kersten is one of the largest privately owned companies and the 6th largest company in Suriname. Kersten boasts prime real estate and production facilities. All operating companies are limited liability enterprises. Total number of employees is 648.
The single shareholder of Kersten is the MCF Business Enterprises B.V. The ultimate shareholder of this corporation is Moravian Church Foundation (MCF). This is a non-profit corporation created under the authority of the Unity Synod of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) for the financial support of the work of the Moravian Church.

Core business: Holding and managment company

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