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Humble potters, carpenters and tailors left their home base in Europe to serve as Moravian missionaries in the New World. They utilized their skills as craftsmen to earn a living with their hands while dedicating the remaining time to preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Their work was blessed. In the first half of the eighteenth century two of these missionaries started a tailors shop and the work of the Moravian Church in Suriname. Church and tailor's shop became as institutions responsible for some major developments, not only in Suriname, but also in other countries.

Truly, the missionaries were good servants; trustworthy in small things. By multiplying the talents entrusted to them by their Master, they have enabled the Church to continue its work in more than "ten cities".

Moravian businesses, originating in Suriname, have expanded to other countries in the Caribbean and Europe, generating not only employment, but also income for the Moravian Church Foundation to finance church work as well as social and community projects on several continents. In 2004

MCF Business Enterprises B.V. was founded to ensure professional guidance of the various investments. Thus we at MCF accomplished a harmonious unity between Church and business. The origin of our corporation has determined the ethical standard of our business attitude.

Our objective is therefore to maximise the net result of our business activities in order to support the work of the Foundation. We believe thereby strongly that our ethical standards are beneficial rather than harmful to our ultimate goal.